THE RICH SEER $$$$$$$$

1)I once was a broke bloke

2)Dust on ma feet yet i got some millions in my name stashed somewhere

3)Begging people for money while i was stinking rich the whole time

4)I guese i needed to know what poverty taste like to be compassionate

5)I guese i needed to build character,because with all this money on me i still feel the same guy

6)I have a sound mind with all this wealth on me

7)Its like the money doesnt have me i have the money

8)I tell you the minute i found out about my new found wealth i almost passed out

9)Its like the minute i found out how rich im  i was like you Mah ima set you out for life

10)I cant go around looking down on people now that im rich,i mean their time will come

11)Right now im planning how im gonna live with my new found status

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