1)It is an assasin-Hired

2)It has a hit list

3)It is actually a being dispensing deadly energy

4)Judgement began in asia due to idolatory,i.e eating food dedicated to idols

5)It cannot be contained until it completes it’s mission

6)Africa is less affected because it is the least continent dominated by babylonian system

7)America is most affected owing to the fact that  it’s inhabited by the queen of  Babylon

8)You can’t get it if you are not in it’s hit list.

9)The vaccine will be found when the targeted number on the hitlist are killed by the plague.

10)This being is just a preview of worse beings yet to come if the nations don’t repent and turn from their iniquity,you ain’t seen nothing yet.

11)It’s a being under Orders from Elohim.

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